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A Shining Light

Brady’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 in memory of the late Tim Brady of Wilmington, MA who lost his life to addiction at 28 years old. The foundation was founded by life long friends of Tim, Renee Marcou and Michael O’Connor. The duo started the charity to help their hometown and surrounding neighborhoods out of this country-wide epidemic by bringing recovery awareness to their communities as well as preventing substance addictions through educating and empowering our youth and parents.

Brady’s Foundation collaborates with trusted treatment centers, wellness centers, and other organizations country-wide who provide the best care for those who are seeking help. The foundation holds many awareness events throughout the year including a 5K Run for Recovery, Walk for Wellness in Wilmington, MA in June. At these awareness events, you will find resources for every one who is affected by addiction including but not limited to family support and treatment facilities, and special guest speakers from those who are in recovery who share their journey to empowerment.

Brady’s Foundation strives to become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives of those in need.

During the holiday season, Brady’s Foundation partners with Wonderfund and the D.C.F. Department of Children and Families to provide gifts for children who are in foster homes due to the loss of parents who had suffered from substance abuse.

Renee Marcou, Michael O'Connor, and Dr. Sylvia Fitzpatrick are the board members of the foundation alongside hundreds of supporters and volunteers who energetically put effort forth to help those in need.

It is the charity's goal to end the pain and loss caused by addiction and to help support families who have been affected by addiction. 

Brady's Foundation is scouting for passionate volunteers and positive change makers. We are eager to collaborate with charities and companies who have similar missions to empowerment and wellness. Please reach out and let's connect today! 

Your donation goes to one of the charity's missions which largely supports addiction prevention by educating the youth and instilling the importance of health and wellness. Brady's Foundation provides an empowering wellness and addiction awareness assembly titled "Lets Get Real" in High Schools schools in the Middlesex County.  Your donation goes toward awareness and recovery events, scholarships, food drives for recovery homes, and to creative outlets expressing the seriousness to substance addiction.  Together, we can make a difference and help end this tragic epidemic.